The Cathedralette

Sustainable building practices through intelligent design was the key to transforming this single fronted worker cottage known by its moniker “The Cathedralette.” EME Design along with the homeowner have achieved a humble, considered, energy efficient home while reducing emissions and environmental footprint.

A timber construction strategy was implemented throughout the home to provide a unique appearance and ecofriendly feel. Renewable timber cladding was used on the building’s eaves and throughout the interior.

Quantum Timber Finishes AQUAOIL Stain was selected for use on the Eaves. The exterior, penetrating, solid opaque stain changes the colour of the surface without concealing the surface texture. AQUAOIL binds the wood fibres together to protect the timber from moisture. AQUAOIL is an environmentally responsible, low VOC, non-toxic, UV & mildew resistant coating.

Made from bio-based, ecologically sustainable products, this environmentally responsible finish was the perfect fit for this Melbourne cottage.

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