Tess + JJ's House

Situated in South Yarra, Melbourne, this oversized single-story house exudes a sophisticated, paired back style nestled between period-style homes.

The irregular shaped block and heritage context suburb challenged and inspired architects Po-Co Architecture. The new home, set on a narrow site is a light and airy place of retreat from the city whilst enabling a connection with it. The home provides an illusion of space in an over-scaled single-story house. The architects have managed to capture plenty of light and privacy for the homeowners through strategically scaled windows and walls.

The home boasts views to the east, while incorporating birch trees to the north offering a space where family and friends can reconnect with one another in nature.

The external walls of the home were finished off with Silvertop Ash cladding that was stained using Quantum’s AQUAOIL Stain. The homes interior materials included American Oak, marble, and white joinery to enhance the feel of spaciousness.

The clever manipulation of space, light and paired back materials has allowed this narrow home to look larger whilst perfectly tying into a heritage listed suburb.

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