Screen House

Situated in Camberwell, Victoria – The west-facing “Screen House” by WARC Studio maximises natural light while limiting the harsh heat from the afternoon sun.

The design focuses on the connection between the garden and the outdoor space, providing the home with a sense of light and warmth - whilst offering views and glimpses of nature throughout the home.

Multiple sustainable measures were employed throughout the home including high insulation levels, double glazing, externally operable screens, locally and sustainable Victorian Hardwood that maximises timber output, low VOC finishes, formaldehyde free plywood, rainwater, hydronic heating and compost and vegetable gardens.

Quantum’s AQUAOIL stain was used throughout the home to coat the timber battens, weatherboards, and timber windows. AQUAOIL is environmentally responsible - made from bio based, ecologically sustainable products, non-toxic, low odour, water repellent, helps to prevent the swelling & shrinking of the timber that causes cracking & splintering, UV resistant, mildew resistant and can be used to easily touch up weathered areas without having to do a full recoat.

The final result displays a highly detailed, modest, sustainable home that perfectly connects interior and exterior spaces.

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