Quarters - Flinders Hotel

The Flinders Hotel-Quarters capture the perfect balance between fresh sea air and relaxed alfresco lifestyle living in the Mornington Peninsula. Located just and hour away from Melbourne, the Flinders Hotel-Quarters are inspired by its coastal surroundings, while providing guests a secluded and luxurious escape.

The architects have used nature as their inspiration when designing the accommodation with the use of natural materials such as timber cladding, stone and only adding splashes of colour that compliment and highlight the beauty of its surroundings.

AQUAOIL in Old Gum and White Gum were used to coat the timber panels throughout the external facade of the Quarters. AQUAOIL binds the wood fibres together to protect the timber from moisture and to prevent peeling, cracking or splintering whilst also adding UV resistance. This penetrating, solid opaque stain changes the colour of the surface without concealing the surface texture of the wood, making it an ideal choice to further enhance this building that resonates with locals, patrons and the surrounds.

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