Neighbourhood Justice Centre

The Collingwood Neighbourhood Justice Centre is a multi-jurisdictional court that offers a range of services designed to assist victims, defendants, civil litigants and the local community. Citizens enter the heritage listed former boot making school through a parallelogram-shaped facade that provides only a glimpse of the major renovation designed by Lyons Architecture.

Lyons Architecture has redeveloped this landmark by recognising the value of the identifiable structure through a mix of old and new build.

The public balcony, located on level one is an inviting space for members of the community requiring the services of the Justice Centre to convene. Consisting of planters, timber decking, siding, seating and private alcoves, this space is warm and inviting in a building that can be otherwise be intimidating.

The public balcony was prepped using Quantum Timber Finishes SAP STRIP to remove all tannins and extractives from the timber. Applying SAP STRIP meant the weathering process rules did not apply, and the final timber coating could be applied immediately. Three coats of TIMBRE PLUS DECKING were applied for its hard wearing, outstanding adhesion and toughness as well as slip and UV resistance.

Lyons Architecture has been able to perfectly capture a new ’type’ of public building through transparency and intimacy to redefine restorative justice within the local Collingwood community.

Photography: Peter Gunphy

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