Hale Junior School

The redevelopment of Hale Junior School began with extensive planning involving the school’s Junior leadership team and head master in numerous consultations and workshops. The aim was to prepare, teach and connect current and future students of the school by envisioning a school that would facilitate all types of learning.

The 16-million-dollar project was built in stages to minimise disruption to the students learning. Stage one consisted of three highly specialised buildings including administrative office, classrooms, library and canteen areas. While Stage two demolished remaining classroom buildings and began landscaping and earthworks. The buildings were designed to provide a first class learning environment for all Hale students.

Careful consideration was given to the environment and sustainable building practices to ensure students could maintain their connection to the natural world. This choice of building style lent rise to Quantum’s AQUAOIL to coat the external shadow clad on the new buildings.

AQUAOIL is an exterior, penetrating, solid opaque stain that changes the colour of the surface without concealing the surface texture. Made from bio based, ecologically  sustainable products, this non-toxic, low odour, water repellent, UV and mildew resistant coating binds the wood fibres together to protect timber from moisture.

AQUAOIL is an environmentally responsible oxidising coating that will not peel or crack ensuring this new build meets sustainable building practices, reduces environmental impact and harmoniously blends into its the natural surroundings.

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