Elizabeth St Social Housing Development

As part of the public housing renewal program implemented by the Victorian Government to meet the housing needs of thousands of public housing residents, the Elizabeth Street Social Housing Development was one of the first social housing estates where people are safe, secure and better connected to medical and health professionals.

The vibrant, mixed tenure, six star environmental rating, modern complex has a project value of $65,000,000 and took approximately two years to complete. As part of the environmental star rating, AQUAOIL in Onyx Gold was selected by Williams Boags Architects to seal and colour the plywood facade at the Elizabeth Street 'Walk ups' archway.

AQUAOIL is a penetrative oil that binds the wood fibres together to protect the timber from moisture and to prevent peeling, cracking or splintering, it is also UV resistant. The AQUAOIL Onyx Gold colour was chosen for its contrast to the galvanised balustrades directly above.

The marine grade ply facade in AQUAOIL Onyx Gold beautifully captures the newly implemented modern standards of this public housing estate in metropolitan Melbourne.

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