All Abilities Sculpture

The shire of Moira is a local government area in the Hume region region of Victoria, Australia. Mark Rosenbrock a chainsaw artist and sculptor was commissioned to create a sculpture from an old, rotting, Redwood tree stump in the children's park.

The pelican inspired sculpture pays homage to the surrounding area most notably Lake Mulwala, and preserves the remainder of the Redwood tree.

Both large and small chainsaws were used to carve and sculpt various aspects of the bird. The sculpture was then scorched to create the final characteristics of the pelican. To seal and protect the sculpture from the harsh Australian elements, Quantum's TIMBRE PLUS VERTICAL in a clear finish was specifically chosen for its vertical application to soft wood. This environmentally responsible, non-toxic, low odour, bio based, ecologically sustainable product - has a Teflon wax incorporated into the product that helps to aid beading and repel water.

What was once a dangerous, rotting eye saw is now a whimsical, playful work of art that generations of park visitors will be able to enjoy.

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