Lot 5 Residence, Beechworth

Overlooking the historic town of Beechworth, this hilltop location was the perfect new site for a new family home. The homes design celebrates the historic presence of the town whilst incorporating contemporary living.

Commissioned architects, Schmolzer Architecture took a holistic approach choosing to retain a large front facing garden to optimise the natural light of the property whilst incorporating simplistic building practices.

The composition of the home enhances the access to the winter sun, whilst protecting the home from the harsh Australian summers. AQUAOIL was used on the exterior of the home. The penetrating oil binds the wood fibres together to protect the timber from moisture, peeling or cracking – whilst repelling water. AQUAOIL is environmentally responsible – made from bio based, ecologically sustainable products. This UV, mildew resident, non-toxic, low odour opaque stain was the perfect choice to combat the harsh weather patterns that face this area.

With rigorous diligence, quality materials and fine craftsmanship, this home is the perfect mix of contemporary, whilst paying homage to the history of the town.

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