Halo House - Iceberg Palace

Drawing on inspiration from the Antarctic, Breathe Architecture has created a unique family home with a focus on sustainable architecture in the heart of Melbourne's leafy, tree lined suburb, Glen Iris.

This conceptual design brief was simple. A place for a family to be nurtured and thrive. The halo effect. Icebergs have a major impact on the ecology of the ocean around them, serving as “hotspots” for ocean life, with thriving communities of seabirds above and a web of phytoplankton, krill, and fish below.

Victorian Ash was sourced locally and used throughout the home to contribute to the minimalist and sustainable residence. Quantum Timber Finishes were used to coat the sliding doors throughout the residence. AQUAOIL was chosen to change the surface without concealing the surface texture. The penetrating oil binds the wood fibres together to protect the timber from moisture and to prevent peeling, cracking or splintering. It is also UV resistant.

Breathe Architecture has incorporated numerous sustainable building methods to bring family living to the forefront of this thriving ecosystem.

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