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A transparent interior wiping stain for brush or cloth application. Topcoat with MICROCLEAR, TIMBRE PLUS Interior or MICROFLOOR.
Colour Description

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  • Suitable to stain all interior timber

  • Wide range of Transparent tint colours available

  • Overcoat with TIMBRE PLUS Interior, MICROCLEAR or MICROFLOOR


Transparent Stain Colours



Colour : Refer to Quantum Transparent Stain Board

Gloss : N/A

VOC : <45g per litre

Coverage : 12m² per litre on dressed timber & approximately 6m² per litre on rough sawn timber

Drying : Touch Dry : 1 hour. Recoat : 2 hours ( In cooler or humid drying times will be longer. Avoid exposure to steam and condenstaion for 48 hours after painting. Avoid washing the substrate for a week).

Clean Up : Water

Packaging : 500ml, 1L, 4L & 10L

Tech Data Sheet



Preparation : Good preparation is key to a professional looking, long lasting finish

Mixing :  Stir thoroughly before use. (Note: Stirring the stain well before application is essential to ensure to correct colour and even application. If you are using more than one can, you should mix the can contents together before application to achieve consistent colour. Test the colour on a small section first to ensure it is what you expect).


Tools : Brush or cloth application



Sand where necessary to improve imperfections. Ensure the surface is clean, dry and free from all dirt, dust, grease and grime.

Apply AQUASTAIN evenly with either a brush or a cloth, allow to dry.

Finish with two coats of either TIMBRE PLUS Interior, MICROCLEAR or MICROFLOOR.


Where to Use

Where to Use

Interior timber that has not been previously painted with a solid paint.

Not recommended for previously stained or painted surfaces unless completely stripped and cleaned.

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